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JTR#60! August 22nd 2014

Back after 2 years Miss everyone Another man took my girl Working out at the gym as a PUA Who I would fight as a PUA bodybuilder Sqautting Casasnova Simple Pickup On the J The Ripper Show The Fat guy gets socked Deep internet/weird shit YNC.com beheadings/stoning Faces of Death Foley Beheading Why do people like watching others get fucked up Fascination Extremes of Humanity Life at the mall The Holy Kiosk Regular day job? Complete social disasater Gaming girls at work Fucking girls with the same name My career Glass doors hilarity Boning Girl in Vegas who takes care of retarded kids J The Ripper gets Fired Why? Betrayal? Gaming girls at work Confessions FIRED Jobless Unemployment Which Gurus admit to it? UPAC Long time Religious listeners Spill my guts out Ross Jeffries Unstoppable Confidence Which Companies Make Money? Mysterys first public talk in 5 years Matador helped Canada PUA Scene Wannabes Youtube PUA stars Casanova crew status DEAD? 2007-2014 15 people online? BLAME DOPE! 3 toughest guys in PUA Hypnotica vs Ross jeffries Why the return to capt hooks Vince kelvin reconciliation Next event UPAC 2014 Speer Assasination attempt Redman and and Maven video with bouncer Die in the highway One of the top coaches RSD Summit Canada PUA Cash outed Decibel gets married/has a kid Poorman, and Adam Corola Steamroller of PUA Sarging summer 2014 JTR's true age Sirens True Age Too old to sarge? Erika Awakening vs Mark Manson masterbatring to JTR show Tease end Nicholaus PUAHTE.com fate Spinoff sites puapill puaslut

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JTR#59! November 7th 2012

Classic and Rare Interviews with Simple Pick-Up

King Kong and Jessy "Jackett"

Listen Here:

People have been asking me to re-up the old Jessy interview from 2010 JTR#4, which I thought was lost when I switched servers and I couldn't find anyone who had downloaded it. I was recently looking through an old external drive and actually found the raw audio data for it.

It's not very long, but thought I'd combine Kong and Jessy's appearances on my show as a "best of" show, #59 (actually I got stoned and was too lazy to record a new one lol).

Whats cool about these interviews is how much of the early history of CC you learn about. Lots of cool trivia facts and funny stories from the CCOC days.

CC is proud of SP's success, and we thank them for their contributions to Casanova Crew history.

*Kong as Casanova Crew Orange County Team Leader
*Kong lived with 27 weirdos
*Roomates stole his food.
*The early history of CCOC
*Kong on kicking out Gotham from CCOC; first guy banned from the crew.
*Lied about a 4 some
*Decibel fucks a girl behind a horse.
*Kongs friendships with Enthalpy, The Kitty, and Grandma
*Kong Explains Arm of Charm
*Kong falls off the Hollywood and Highland escalators
*Kong does Fatty Confessional

Jessy Joins (heard for the first time in nearly 3 years)

*Gets kicked out of early CC
*The original CCOC Crew
*CCOC were the youngest, most under 21
*Yenwen, the first OC team leader
*Meeting Hydro, Mantis, Muse, Status66, Kong
*Jessy was a weird kid
*Pulling to Yogurt Land
*Jessy trolls the mexicans
*Jessy's racist date
*CCOC pranks on each other as "hazing"
*Makeout Rape Explained
*Julien worst PUA ever, only gets kisses on the cheek.
*Julien is a weird dude.
*Dantez Valentinez tries to train Jessy, but Jessy thinks he's a fuckin creepo
*Jessy's bootcamp with Real Social Dynamics instructor Tyler Durden in Hawaii
*Jessy weighed 378 lbs
* Lucky1337 clothes didn't fit him and he had sweaty nipples
*Which PUA lost weight by using drugs
*Why he decided to leave CC.

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JTR #58 (Oct 27th 2012)



-people want more shows
-overwhelming response
-download history of the show
-reasons for coming back
-site analytics for CC
-pua insider shit
-where's decibel?
-recap of last year of feuds with Vance and Squeer
-the haunted mansion falls (youre welcome)
-pro wrestling and pua industry
-jtr just runs a site; not a guru?
-how much jtr really makes off of CC?
-Parents supporting the guru's?
-how commissions work in pua/affilaites
-check amounts
-Pro Ho steals Hydro
-vance says hydro brought the cc list
-are me and hydro cool?
-is he a WEIRDO?
-death threats, voicemails, nail to my tire!
-vk's heart attacks fake? Whats his deal these days and saneness?
-who does jtr wish death upon?
-fucking with my convention?
-24 w/ Kiefer Southerland
-Squeer is no Jack Bauer
-Star Trek random guy death
-Popping my tire, JTR is Ghandi-like?
-Insecure gooroo's panic and react!?
-Tricking poor impressionable Bao Thai Vu NINJA?
-This show unscripted
-Annette Funicello
-No holds barred!?
-rival assholes try to steal CC?
-Coward who cant pop my tire himself; sends poor Asian boy instead!
-Tyler invites me to Pro Ho; the whole SHOCKING Story play by play
-J The Ripper was going to leave the game 10 months ago and why?
-Why I decided to stay?
-Giving up pickup forever? The drama and violence grows.
-Regular CC guys who sarge.
-CC a political Incredible Hulk?
-Life at the mall kiosk LOL
-Who would I pass Casanova Crew off to if I got killed?
-What is JTr known for?
-So Cal biggest PUA market in the world
-CCFEST was gona be my last event? Marni, BradP, Kino5000, Gareth, Bravo, Matador, Arash + More!
-JTR Retires until UPAC!
-Mad at Mystery for not coming to my convention?
-Behind the scenes of JTr and Mystery negotiations??!
-Meeting certain gurus and discovering they are a dickheads?
-Betrayals in PUA?
-JTR meets Glenn Danzig??
-Will any PUA guru try to re-buy Project Hollywood?
-Project Hollywood is cursed!! Haunted!
-Rat Pack
-$15,000 a month rent for Pro Ho LOL
-PUA Industry is in the shitter
--J The Ripper getting recognized out in Public around So Cal
-Chez brought JTR back from the dead and Ghostbuster
-Pressure to do more shows.
-CCIE sarging
-Is JTR pissed off at Mystery?
-Will JTR ever book Mystery again?
-Kiosk life
-Companies try to copy cat Casanova Crew?
-Cant beat FREE!
-Which Nevada coach was blacklisted?
-The film called "Sinister" with Ethan Hawke
-KIDS killing their parents in Harmony.
-Going to the movies alone and eating pupusas; Salvador food
-apologies to past guests for clowning sound effects?
-Memories of Khan
-Don't be a podcast mooching pussy!
-Leave a reply or die!
-All JTR asks of you PUA's and non-PUAs alike…
-J supports medical marijuana!?
-Smoking bowl for you!
-King Arthur Indica!



October 10th 2012


**The views and opinions expressed on the show are solely for entertainment purposes and do not necessarily reflect the Casanova Crew. Anyone who is offended take the stick out of your ass and don't listen.

*Kurse Joins (replacing Khan)
*Elizabeth Everett Joins
*Where's Khan?
*Recap: Elizabeth vs Khan Feud
*Bloodiest Feud In The History of Musical Chairs
*Brainwashing, Cults, Conspiracy Theories
*Elizabeth Joins PUA Community and Hooks Up With VA
*Favorite Conspiracies
*Toynbee Tiles
*Elizabeth vs JTR Feud Revisited
*Elizabeth Creeped Out By JTR's Game
*Ross Jeffries vs. Elizabeth
*On Being Mystery's Ex GF
*Eat Your Fuckin Oatmeal

*Ninjah Bao joins
*How he got into Pro Ho and Met VK
*Ace and Hydro Memories
*Ninjah Forced & Bullied Into Putting Nail in My Tire by Squeer
*All the times Squeer manipulated young and impressionable Bao
*Word for Word What Squeer Told Him To Do; To Fetch a Bigger Nails
*Ninjah Reveals How Squeer Shafted Hydro
*Squeer Flips JTR's Meat?
*Ninjah was Afraid and Confused By Manipulation Tactics and Coercion.
*Day game at Abortion Clinics and other weird sagging places.
*Gaming FOBs is like talking to a 3 year old
*Day game at Holocaust Survivor Meetup groups.

Now Available!



Sept. 27th 2012


*Khan falls in love with his kidney donor
*Mystery can't get into the USA
*Khan hates Elizabeth Everett
*Neil Strauss appears at UPAC to replace Mystery
*Khan the muslin Indian was ashamed of his sexuality
*Props to Rico Neils asst.
*Tyler Dudens controversial speech/tells audience members they have stupid questions
*Early So Cal seminars
*Why Ross Jeffries and AFC Adam didn't speak.
*Guru's expand into other arms of the internet marketing world
*Gay TR is a scumbag who torrented all his PUA shit
*Torrents/illegal downloading
*RSD Foundations
*Old school Tyler shows up to UPAC
*CC Misses Marni the Wing Girl
*Khan is in therapy
*Elizabeth and Khans long storied feud at UPAC
*BradP's Contraversial and Shocking Presentation
*Hydro Joins In
*Hydro Breaks Down JTR's Horrible OKCupid Profile
*UPAC Smash Hit
*CCOG Reunion
*Csanova Crew part of So Cal pop culture
*Wishing VK well after his heart attacks
*Real or Fake?
*Hydro Retells Pro Ho Horrors
*Hydro makes fun of GPC Convention
*Hydro told to switch chairs at gpc to make it look more "full".
*Memories of RSD Roger Ruining The Blueprint
*Props to Technoslaughter, Manwhore, Kino5000, Hypnotica, TD, Arash, Artisan, Matador and everyone at UPAC.

Show is up now!


jAN 2012


*Reintroduce Khan, writer for Hustler, Robotech, CCLA
*Original CC
*Kidney probs/the girl HB10 who donated
*His porn film
*The CCLA meeting
*Anti PUA thoughts/opinions


*How he got into the game
*Hydro and Ace live in the mansion basement and sleep in GI Joe Tents
*age at clubs-feeling too old
*expereinces at Pro Ho
*Mysterious mansion millionaire from Europe bankrolling Pro Ho
*false advertising
*Vince trying to steal his set away
*Vince coaches
*Intent is one of the best infield and has balls!

*Vince eats weird things for breakfast
*How he got to work for the mansion
*How were things initially
*What were ur job responsibilities?
*Make u do weird things?
*THe podcast that started the war
*Vince's initial reaction; making him and Ace send the letter
*Vince harrassing Lucid via text; weird texts
*Not allowed to post on CC
*Speer sleazy vibe
*Ace of Spades

*What made the original CC
*New CCLA, what to expect
*Backround, accoumplishments
*Sarging with the big names
*whats next for Mike
*Godfather doesnt believe in Vince BS




J The Ripper Show #53!

*What the fuck ever happened to Sexter?
*Vanguard 2012 NYE w/ Steamroller, Jayku, Tigger Uppercut, Hawk, Action, Caz
*CCLA/Khan Flop? Crash and Gigantor to re debut CCLA after perplexing meeting.
*Khan has one kidney he borrowed from a friend
*Khan vs. Crash's philosophy on PUA
*Will Gigantor become the new team leader?
*Commercial lairs where everything ends in a sales pitch
*Original CC characteristics
*Dont be a "Podcast Pussy"
*Lazurus Man banned for trolling during rebuilding of CC phase
*Part of the new way brother" No Trolling No Flamming!
*Getting back to basics, back on point, son!
*Will d0pe be brought back to the forum? He's in jail for 90 days for almost killing his MILF GF
*Caz knows d0pe better than any CC guy
*Sorry for not being geeked out on every minutae of my own forum
*How other PUA forums are bland and boring; never a dull moment in CC
*Selling watches at my little kiosk at the mall in Hemet, CA
*Downtown Fullerton is fucking great if youre on a budget
*CC meeting crashed by a rival lair?
*Traitor to CC talking shit
*JTR Pulls a french chick from Vanguard for SNL mayhem
*Higgs Boson Particle
*El Catrin innuendos
*JTR's explains his SNL methodology (cringe) that he learned from Norman Bates
*Quit gawking at me when I sarge you fuckin weirdos
*My conversation with Vance Kalvin: Did we squah the beef or more beef brewin?
*Lay off my trademark you unimaginative bitches
*GOOROO's Stealing ideas from the past and from other people to remain relevent (Pro Ho, Real CC, etc).
*Arash the Iranian PUA me likey
*Sixpack is CCOC's most effective team leader
*CasanovaFest line up revealed
*PU Hate bans me and suppresses my show




JTR #52

Johnny aka Lefty from PUAHATE!!

Featuring all the greatest appearances from the figurehead of the ANTI PUA SCENE, Johnny! Johnny is the most infamous forum troll of all time, being banned from every single PUA forum known to man.

This is the kind of shit that you wont hear on those other Nazi-moderated PUA forums that censor alternative opinions!

Listen to the living legend JOHNNY tear each guru down one by one and his rationale behind his HATRED of all things PUA!!

Johnny was the first person ever in the PUA community to write a long negative report about his horrible LS bootcamp years ago, and many believe this spawned the initial anti pua movement, pre-dating Pua Hate and BKRS. Johnny wrote the now cult classic ebook, "Exposing the Seduction Community" in 2008, and is a "cuckold porn" afficionado.

-Johnny's first appearance on the show talking about why he soured on the PUA community and his relationship with Erika Awakeng!

-After getting banned by majority vote by CC, Johnny comes on and gives one of the most unforgetable interviews you will ever hear!

-Johnny vs. Neil Strauss's assistant Dorota!

-Johnny confronts VH1's and ABC's of Attraction coach Kevin Feng!

-Johnny gives his insight into the Gunwitch attempted murder drama...MUST HEAR THIS SHIT!



JTR #51
oct 28 2011



If anything happens to me after it airs Im leaving d0pe in charge of CC.

*Vince's voicemail/death threats/he owes me money
*Wasnt so bad my last show
*Defections, hydro getting shit on
*Speer threatens to sue for defamation of character
*Giving speer $200 when he didnt sell shit at SNL seminar; his GF's glassess
*Worst speech ever; shakeshi heckles Speer
*Vince demands I retire from the community
*Vince's lap dog Bao
*Do I say chink and n*gger?
*what i think of ace
*vince kelvin defections from haunted mansion
*vince gaming chicks in rehab
*Vince invites me on stage to be his bitch
*horror stories from the mansion
*support from gurus
*Manwhore says I liked Mehow?
*Ross Jeffries sending me weird emails about penis pills
*PUA Hate mods a bunch of pussies
*Brad P's analysis of facts getting trashed by CC guys; its a neutral forum
*Goonwitch is back
*Lazurus Man vs Sixpack; gay innuendos
*Why are most forum trolls asians?
*Can we trust Lucid and JeffIsAwesome
*What hyappened to Grandma?
*Steamroller vs BradP feud?

Secret Audio from Project Hollyweird's black magik rituals chanting for my death!!


J The Ripper Show #50

-hydro out of cc team lead spot, sixpack in; vince kelvin takeover?
-which guru's wanted me to take negative reviews off the forum
-Gigsaw not allowed to speak at PUA Summit??!
-steamroller calls mystery and sings to his daughter
-d0pe, caz, sixpack, lazurus man schad drama
-am i feuding with decibel?
-creepiest bootcamp students hitting on 10 year olds
-my thoughts on simple pickup;neglecting cc roots? what i really think of their game
-70% of the gurus hate speer and vince but just tolerate them for the exposure of the summit
-My first job at PUA Summit 2007 picking up trash; which dickhead snubbed me then years later wanted to speak for CC.
-Ross jeffries vs casanova crew
-the girl that mystery, me, sixpack and gvirus all fucked (not at the same time)
-Johnny Wolf kicking me off the stage as soon as I walked on.
-is the pua scene oversaturated and pretty much dead?
-CCLA team lead khan getting kidney transplant
-cc member lied about getting laid and is still a virgin
-secrets on how gurus market to you; how to watch out for spam
-summit bomed
-rival lair commercial lair
-speer and vince
-taking things in a new direction
-dope and schad drama; trolls in general

BONUS SEGMENT At THE End: Exclusive JTR Fatty Confessional!




Season 2 Episode 1!


w/ Nicholaus from PUA HATE!



How Nicholaus got into the PUA Scene
Meeting Barry, Tyler and Papa in Chicago
Days in the Chicago Lair
Nicholaus learning the game in 2004
Takes a RSD bootcamp
Refund from David DeAngelo
JTR and Nicholaus revenge stories
Nevea the midget
Nicholaus's thoughts on Jorge, Mr Right and Janene
Prank calling Johnny Soporno and Joseph Went South
Jenn ruins Barry, original forum shut down
Birth of PUA Hate
Lawsuits w/ Savoy and Mehow
How PUA Hate was created and what its original purpose was
Barry asks Nicholaus to take his GF pics off the site
Dare sucks at making websites
Formhandles site sucks
PUA Comic vs Hypnotica
Barry gets butthurt about his big nose jew girlfriend
Barry using NLP tactics to make Nicholaus change his mind
The popularity of PUA Hate
Does he REALLY hate PUA's?
Nicholaus and JTR debate whether or not PUA works
Childhood truama
Nicholaus's dad is a regular Joe Jackson
Nicholaus explains his friendship with JTR behind the scenes
Why JTR quit doing his show
Does Nicholaus know Monstar's true identity?
Does Nicholaus have multiple accounts?
Junkyface, Dot Cotton, Lucifer, 230, Lefty aka Johnny
Secret PUA Hate forum section
PUA Hate name change in the works
Gurus demand to have their pictures taken off the site
Future of PUA Hate
Where's Superjoint Ritual
Nicholaus ask about CC's Hydro
PUA Comic vs Hypnotica


J The Ripper Show #48



J The Ripper Show #48

Show Finale Pt.1

*Why this might be my final show

*Fucking ugly girls is ok when they look like crack addicts

*Jerking off to girls at work

*Bad business deals, jaded to the community, politics and bullshit

*Year in Review

*Getting Oneitis while being in the game.

*What the show was really intended to do

*The future of the "PUA Scene"

*Status of other lairs

*Who's the bestest PUA I ever saw?

*Update on Sexter making trouble in SF

*Johnny PUA Hater Asks about my "relationship" with Fader from LS

*Casanova Crew in 10 Years?

*Backstabbing wings and their motives

*Club promoting In and outs and what have you's.

*The most important shit Ive learned from being in the game.

*Goodbye, for now...

Dedicated to all the long time listeners, especially Lambchop412 who was probably our biggest fan, Hydro, SixPack, Kinetica, Gudtimes121, Five Stensen, OL Lazy Bastard, Superjoint, Thor, Kid Vicious, Pb2010, all the lurkers, everyone who donated in the past and who thought the show was as addicting as crack, and sorry to any I forgot, remind me and I will put u up!

Special thanks to my co-hosts Decibel and Steamroller, and everyone we've had on in the past.

Here's my old punk band before I got into PUA....

J The Ripper Show #47


J The Ripper Show #47!


This episode will probably get me into trouble with my sponsors but I dont give a fuck anymore, seriously.

Enjoy, this is my favorite episode so far.

*How much can game really help if youre hopelessly ugly/fat/unattractive?
*Limitations of game, at what point is being too ugly gonna hold you back?
*3rd Degree Amputee Victims w/ good personalities?
*The truth about using gimmicks as a crutch until you discover yourself
*Why you dont really need to take a bootcamp
*The truth of Mehow's game explored
*JTR Makeout Technique revisited
*Mystery tries to fuck up my set doing sign language
*Fuck Formhandle and his stupid site
*Frank The Tanks Puppet Routine
*Kurse and Siren fuck me over for a 2 set "Orient Express" incident
*Even though I dont like Grandma or Zar what I think of their game.


J The Ripper #46


J The Ripper Show #46!

Featuring J The Rippa! (cue applause)

*Pussy ass faggot wannabe PUA's who never put in field time...FUCK YOU
*Feedback from last show; what Tyler Durden and Manwhore thought
*Which instructors use drugs and which drugs are most popular for PUA Gurus
*Being an anti social misfit getting punked at work
*My Most Humiliating Moment
*The story of the bitch who fucked me over that influenced me to form CC
*Weird 8th grade kid scamming with chicks and I jerk off watching it go down...
*Was Matadors "game" any good?
* He calls me unattractive and 3 years of self esteem go down the drain
*Decibel calls me out on being a shitty PUA and he writes a report about it
*Does Bravo from Stylelife have beef with CC, specifically Hydro?
*Kid Vicious has a foot fetish
*Teaser of how Mehows game really is

J The Ripper #45


J The Ripper Show Featuring....

J The Ripper!

*My time working for Love Systems
*Why I didnt like it
*Being naive and falling hook line and sinker for all the PUA shit
*How I woke up to whats really going on
*Why I thought instructor Biscuit was a douchebag
*Friendship with Sir Slick aka Bonsai
*What Asian Playboy thought of my failed expereince and what he told me
*Is Savoy a scammer scum bag?
*Did I get ignored during my training and by who?
*Meeting Tyler Durden and Papa
*Is Papa a weird fuckin dude?
*I tell the truth about Papa's game and...is he a fuckin racist against Mexicans? Gotta hear this!
*Taking a piss next to Tyler and shaking our cocks off
*Vince Kelvin Kissing Barely Legal chix and pulling them to his hotel
*What I really think of Capt. Hook's game
*The early CC times werent as peachy as you think
*Guys politicing to take power away from me
*Meeting Kurse and his necrophilia nazi tendencies
*Barry Kirkey and what I really think of him
*How much of pickup is actually bullshit?

Hopefully you guys like this new direction for the show, lemme know. I have tons of stories of my expereinces with virtually all the gurus, and since I dont plan on making a living off of pickup Im just gonna spill the beans and tell it how it is.


J the Ripper #44


We just finished recording the show and...Im literally SPEECHLESS!!

Vince Mcmahon himself couldnt script this shit!

OMG 1000000000000000000000

J The Ripper Show w/ Steamroller and Dr. Decibel MD #44!


Iambrian from PUA Hate!

*What led to Grandma giving his TV away and erratic behavior?
*Gigsaw tells us what ran through his mind while driving his van to Grandma's
*Iambrian, former mod on PUA Hate, goes along for moral support and muscle
*Taking Grandma's Shit; Any Guilt?
*Gigsaw thinks Grandma's frame is strong but flawed
*Iambrian thinks Grandma might KILL them
*Is Grandma JEALOUS of GIGSAWS fame?
*Grandma's dog runs loose
*Grandma thinks Gigsaw is an insecure showboat
*Gigsaw retorts he is having fun and throws down the challenge
*Iambrian thinks Grandma is CRAZY
*Decibel gets challenged by Grandma
*Decibel gets FLUSTERED!
*Steamroller gets a Blowjob!

Holy fuck, Im speechless....

Show will be up at 1am (Im watching RAW, sorry for the delay)

**Disclaimer: If I thought having any of the involved parties would result in harm I wouldnt do it. This show is purely for entertainment purposes only.


J The Ripper #43


J The Ripper Show #43 w/ Decibel & Steamroller!


TJ Hearts

and the long awaited debut of....


*Grandma Addresses Casanova Crew
*Crash debates online dating with Decibel
*Online dating is for geeks and losers
*Decibel accuses Crash of not using original lines
*Crash rebutts!
*Kinetica is Fredo, the disloyal brother of the Godfather (tho he is forgiven...)
*Steamroller "winks" at girls and offers 3 hot dogs to his Day2
*TJ Hearts joins
*Life in LA from Norway
*Fucking a narcaleptic headbutter with a necrophilia fetish
*Steamroller believes theres a little "rapist" in us all!?
*Decibel discovers the true Steam
*Van Martegan debuts
*What will Van Martegan ask of TJ Hearts? CANT MISS THIS SHIT! LMFAO #1 Show Moment
*Grandma Challenges TJ Hearts to be his student
*Did Gigsaw go to Grandma's House and take his shit?
*GIgsaw is MISSING!
*Banning Nick Savoy from Casanova Crew forums

Listen here:



J The Ripper #41


J The Ripper Show #41! w/ Decibel and Steamroller.


The Amazing King Kong
The Infamous Gigsaw!

*Gunwitch HATES J the Ripper
*Hydro FINALLY tells his story! His GF's find out he's a PUA & all hell breaks lose.
*Which girl SOCKED him in the head and broke his Vince Kelvinn DVD's
*Envy give Hydro advice about the ways of the world.
*Decibel Claims to hv heard Hydro's girlfriend was "known" by others.
*Steamroller suggests a 3some.
*Who is that SEGA Account?
*King Kong Discusses Early CCOC Days
*Which member he kicked out and the reason behind it! Cant Miss!
*Fatty Confessional (250 lbs) and "Arm Of HARM>?" Did she grab his cock?
*TheKitty looks on in HORROR!
*Gigsaw calls a number while walking around Wal Mart and Kurse listens in!
*Kurse and others in shock as Gigsaw has a woman masterbate him on the dancefloor and she causes his cock great pain in the process!
*Van Martegan's weekly email question to Kurse...Decibel does the honors.
*Japanese Baby Stomping (!?!) Movies
*Decibel like IRREVERSiBLE
*Kurse Puts ee on the spot by asking if he could eat my flesh in a isolated winter cave type situation!

J The Ripper Show #40


J The Ripper Show #40!


PUA Hate's J0hnny aka Lefty
Shadow Wolf

*The Gunwitch Attempted Murder Drama
*The threating email he sent me read on the air for the first time ever!
*Hydro's girlfriends find out he's a PUA and conspire to toss his shit in the streets, including his entire Vince Kelvin DVD catalog!
*Johnny aka Lefty on being banned, being the figurehead of the Anti-PUA movement, his cuckold fetish and why he's return to Casanova Crew
*Steamroller challenges Johnny to a "sarge off"
*Grandma vs Shadow Wolf
*Would you jack off an older attractive man for a million dollars?
*If not would you just grab it and mess around and say "blahhhhhh" as you wiggle it?
*Austin gets his cock grabbed by ApeShits girl, but he fucks her anyway
*CC New Years at Marbella
*Gigsaw discusses his new found fame and getting jacked off by a single mom at Wendy's as her children look on in horror!
*Men Behind the Sun cult movie
*Sophie's Choice
*Tron was horrible

J The Ripper #39

Episode#39 Dec. 8th 2010


J The Ripper Show #39!



and surprise appearance by Vince Kelvin!

*Sexter saga revisited; whats he doing now, and were other jealous of him??
*The "NathanPUA" ball grabbing incident
*Barry Kirkey thought my seminar was gonna bomb? Fuck You Barry.
*Hydro clowns on Envy and Envy BITES Back!
*KTLA PUA's recap; Ever use the rattlesnake line?
*TROLL of the Year!
*Why does JTR like PUA Hate?
*Was RyanthePUA bothering Tyler Durden and other CC guys? NAHHH!
*Everyone loves RyanthePUA, Envy's son.
*I got pissed at Envy but he cant discuss the details??!!
*Best NEWBIE of the Year? ChadCox, Gigsaw, RyanthePUA. Libertine, Austin, Leo
*Hydro works at a GAY bar? WTF??!
*Gigsaw does a live approach (CANT MISS THIS SHIT!)
*Vince Kelvin marries a slut in Vegas and fucks her friends.
*Decibel has Russian jokes galore.
*Steamroller asks Vince about Ross Jeffries and things get UNCOMFORTABLE!

J The Ripper #38

Episode #38 Nov. 24th 2010


J The Ripper Show #38!

*Manwhore RSD joins the show!
*Gaming Strippers: Are they really Sub Human or Loveable Abused Little Scamps?
*3 Some Set Ups: How To Get Ir Done!
*After She Banged Her Head, Gave her Cock to Mouth Resistation
*Manwhore’s Most Troublesome Students: Deformed, 3rd Degree Burns or…!??
*Is No Really No, Or is No Yes? Yes or No?
*Whats Tyler Durden REEEEEAAAlly Like?
*Fatty Confessional Sniper Mission on Zeeee Manwhore
*Marni Wing Girl Method Joins
*Meeting David Deangelo Over Pastrami On Rye
*How Get Out Of THe Friendzone?
*What Do Chicks Really Really Really Want?
*How To Be “That Guy She Wants To Do It With”
*Can Ugly Guys Get Laid?
*Marni Helps Gigsaw Call A Number; She Isnt Amused By His 10 Inch HotDog
*Which Guru Does Marni Think Is Unattractive/Ugly Yet She Likes His Sesame Street-like Qualities?
*Marni Was Gonna Do What With Jennifer Love Hewitt!!??
*Does Marni Think Erika Awakning Is Crazy Bat Shit Insane Or a Swell Dame? (thanks Van Martegan)
*JTR Advises Decibel He Should Feed His Dog Chocolate.
*Human Centipede 2, Battle Royale, Billy Kidman vs. Hulk Hogan

All This and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

J The Ripper Show #37

Episode#37 Nov. 17th 2010


J The Ripper Show #37!


*Surprise appearance by DJ Fuji gives thoughts on Maharaja situation
*The Maharaja fallout and banning situation explored.
*Other potential forum trollz like Alpha_Project?
*People whose lives revolve around the CC forum
*Grandma joins and talks about being an Asian PUA
*Grandma was an ORPHAN??! Did he masterbate in the orphange and practice karate?
*Grandma helps Gigsaw call a number.
*Grandma explores how and why girls may change thier tune
*Gigsaw wants to fuck a FOB and bang her head on toilet as foreplay!
*Nicholaus from PUA HATE to join the show soon!?
*Doc joins in and talks about meeting Negrodamus aka Ninjamaster
*The early days of CC; a bunch of socially retarded dorks making out with Hollywood sluts
*Doc talks daygame and SEXTING
*Fatty Confessional with Doc!

All this and much much MOAR!!!!!

J The Ripper Show #36

Episode#36 Nov. 3rd 2010


J The Ripper Show #36!

Featuring a 2 hour EXTRAVAGANZA!


El Guapo
Tallulah the Squirtologist

*How did the "Casanova Crew Clusterfuck" feud begin between Envy, db, Maha and Guaps?
*Everyone gangs up on the Russian
*Does Envy's girlfriends have orange skin as Maharaja claims or is she cute as hell? (JTR would wank off to her for the record, for what its worth...)
*db debated Maha on texting.
*Maharaja insults db and pokes fun at his height.
*JTR is a wetback who isnt even registered to vote.
*El Guapo quotes Envy and chuckles it up with Maharaja.
*The argument gets intense and heavy until....
*STEAMROLLER crashes the show and is revealed as JTR's "special enforcer"
*Tallulah the Squitologist explains what makes women really CUM IT UP!
*What do her parents think of her squirty ways?
*Steamroller explains how he makes his GF squirt
*Lambchop412 didnt mind being ejaculated upon. If anyone asks he's 'don juan'
*Gigsaw becomes an exhibitionist sarging naked
*Gigsaw has sarged every girl in OC
*Girls take turns touching Gigsaw's exposed penis as he does the helicopter.



J The Ripper Show Podcast #35

Episode#35 Oct. 27th 2010

Tonights show becomes a parody of itself as its all gossip and drama/shit talking, but with a redemable ending when Sexual Chocolate gives Hawk some advice on what to do when a girl is friendly and talkative at work, then turns cold and unresponsive in all future interactions...what to do, what to do...


Sexual Chocolate
(Decibel quits podcast!?)

*Decibel has decided not to do the podcast anymore unless Maharaja gets banned (we will get into detail)
*Lambchop412 gets soaked in emmense ejactulation from the squirter
*CC invades the Edison
*Steamroller wants to buy his girl a black dildo
*Sexual Chocolate explains Johnny's weird leg twitch
*Sexual Chocolate gives us his break down of why So Cal Lair died
*Erika Awakening gets creeped out by Johnny Wolf?
*Disecting Johnny Woof, including underhanded/unethical practices which put thier friendship in the dumpster (including El Topo's shocking revelation of un-consensual shower sex)
*What other lairs/sarge crews, especially CC can learn from So Cal Lair's self destruction.
*Hawk discusses his 1 on 1 session with Ross Jeffries and how it was the most confusing expereince of his entire life.
*Did Ross have Satanic paraphenilia at his apartment?
*Steamrollers long anti Ross anti PUA HATE rant

All this and MUCH MUCH more!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode#34 Oct. 14th 2010

J The Ripper Show w/ Decibel and Steamroller #34!


Asian Playboy
Gareth Jones
El Topo
Whisper (CC China)

*Asian Playboy and Gareth discuss PUA Summit/KTLA and Euro Shenanigans
*Gigsaw gets advice from Gareth Jones
*Gareth's Filthy Bathroom Ass Crack Cocaine Close (he has been clean now for a long time)
*Decibel kisses a Jew
*Steamroller has a baby?
*El Topo Hated Being at PUA Summit
*Johnny Wolf Creeps Out El Topo and his orgy friends
*Unconsensual Shower Sex...(we'll leave it at that!)
*Steamroller interrupts right before someone gets accused of r*pe.
*Whisper Talks About Pick Up In China
*Megatrons Vanguard Party Memories, Doing the worm.
*Whisper ruffles Decibels feathers, things get tense.
*Whisper pisses off alot of people, he rants on who he doesnt like.

I fucked up the editing of the laugh tracks towards the end, making them seem misplaced and odd...but on some of them the mistimed laugh is actually funnier than where I'd orginally planted it, maybe making it better than planned.

All this and much much more!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode#33 Oct. 7th 2010

J The Ripper Show #33!



*PUA Summit Recap; No Black or White PUA of the Year??!!
*Hypnotica vs. Sexter on the Casanova Crew Forums
*Did AFC Amanda Lyons CHEAT on AFC Adam Lyons?
*LS Bradocks Blog Exposes the situation
*El Topo catches AFC Amanda Ovulating in Texas
*J The Ripper Wins Faggot Of The Year on PUA HAte
*Black Monday KTLA Recap
*Would Johnny Wolf had done better if he didnt make his Wolf face when busting out the rattlesnake? (I would NEVER do that to you Jessica)
*Alfaromeo Gets a Handjob at a wedding.
*Kurse comes on to talk conspiracy theories, Roswell, Alien Autopsy
*Shortround Reviews Decibel's teachings. Maharaja talks shit about Decibel.
*Speer bashes Ross Jeffries, says he's so old he farts dust. (CANT MISS THIS!)

all this and more!

Thanks for the donations everyone, you helped collect $500, I got a Toshiba laptop with a 2.3 ghz processor and 4 GB of Ram! You guys are awesome!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #32 Sept. 22nd 2010


The Best and Worst of SEXTER!

*All of Sexters greatest moments compiled into one show!
*His feud with CCSD
*His now infamous feud with DJ Fuji
*Getting kicked out of CCSD "LIVE" on the air with CCSD leader Buddah!
*Flashing Games Explained!
*Sexter's level of success much higher than JTR?!
*Rod Serling serenades Sexter with a lullybye!


J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #31 Sept. 15th 2010


J The Ripper Show #31!


El Topo
Condor Fa...errr, "Austin"

*El Topo's secretly records a private Barry Kirkey Convo! Cant Miss This Shit!
*Other lairs and thier creepy leaders
*Masterbation Pranks
*Radio Clash is a good man. Megatron gets a sex change operation!
*El Topo's dark and troubled past + his theatre days
*Making Dave Matthews band drink El Topo's urine (cant miss this!)
*Truth about gurus, instructors, and "Sinn" boning fat girls and 5 and 6's
*Deceptive Marketing in Pick Up
*Austin calls in to pick El Topo's brain
*Gigsaw does live street pick up at forever 21 w/ a chick with a BF LOL
*El Topo participates in Fatty Confessional!

and this and MUCH MUCH MORE!


Episode #30 Sept. 8th 2010

*Gudtimes121 Leaves Me A Nasty Voicemail?!
*Shakeshi vs JTR: Is the forum going in a bad direction or is shit just peachy?
*Envy tells me to fuck off?
*Steamroller bashes his former wingman Sir Slick aka Bonsai from Love Syztums?
*Can you really play girls like video gamez?
*Are Most LR's full of shit?
*Inner Game Nazi's who cant get laid
*Selfish people using others w/o giving back to the new guys (not naming names, *ahem*)
*GG Allin Appreciation Segment
*Steamroller Hijacks my own show with vomit stories!

All this and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Episode #29 Sept. 1st 2010

Vince Kelvin

*Fatty Confessional with VINCE KELVIN!?
*Alfaromeo knocks up a chick with a BF and she has a miscarriage
*We all recant our "raw dog" or fucking without a condon stories
*Using toilet paper as a rubber and childrens ballons?
*Gigsaw calls a number
*Gigsaw does a LIVE pickup as he speaks to us and walks on his college campus opening random chicks!
*Vince Kelvin calls Ross Jeffries a COWARD! CANT MISS THIS SHIT!
*Winner of the Pick Up Artist Summit Contest Revealed!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #28 Aug. 18th 201


and SPEER!

*Decibel and I discuss all the forum drama and how it's dying down.
*Steamroller confesses his true feelings about his former mentor, BradP!
*Steamroller revelas why PUA Hate guys are haters.
*Steam recounts his Vegas trip where he turned down becoming a member of Bone Thugz and Harmony!
*Making Bone Thugz Manager his bi*ch by making him his camera man!?
*Steam bones a porn star in 10 minutes who used to be in Destiny's Child.
*Did Steam steal Megatron's girl after he fingered her right in front of him?!
*Speer reveals whether or not he works for Nathan The Testicle/Neck Demolisher!
*Speer calls Pysch a bitch and and tells us why!
*Speer accused of doing drugs and being drunk while doing seminars?
*Speer wishes Steamroller luck in his new relationship.

All this and MUCH MUCH More!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #27 Aug. 18th 201




Nick Quick

*Nick Quick dishes the dirt about Nathan abt the NECK GRABBING incident!
*Newbie calls a number w/ Gigsaw (he sends her a COCK PIC!?)
*Gigsaw suggests his number close and sister hang out naked
*Nathan eats DJ Fuji's bag of Potato Chips and the MAYHEM that ensued!!
*Buddah Offcially Kicks Sexter out of CCSD...or
*Sexter QUITS CCSD becuz they dont respect his Flashing GAME

Alll this and MUCH MUCH MORE (new sound effects)!!!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #26 Aug. 4th 2010




Garreth Jones
and Broken Foot Claire!

*Pysch goes over the BradP blog and defends himself
*The Choking incident discussed (CANT MISS THIS SHIT!)
*Did Nathan smack a students testicles?
*Other students come forward about Nathan's aggresion
*Are Pysch and Nathan REALLY done?
*Is GiantsFan really Nathans alias?
*PUA HATE's Influence on the whole situation
*Heartwork gets in a slapping match with Vin Di Carlo's Brian?
*Newbie calls a number!
*Garreth Jones does FATTY CONFESSIONAL!
*Envy calls Nathan a schmuck with a heart of gold

All this and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #25 July. 28th 2010


J The Ripper Show #25!

DJ Fuji

*DJ Fuji joins in and explains what it takes to be a coach.
*I hated coaching for Love Systems and Vince Kelvin
*DJ Fuji goes over the Sexter feud and...(CANT MISS THIS!!!)
*Sexter comes on the phone and discusses the Fuji feud and who started it.
*Sexter reminds us he is trained in martial arts (with photo)
*Sexter goes over his "Flashing Game" Method
*Envy confronts Decibel about being a coach and tells him not to quit his day job
*Troublesome takes MMA classes to deal with confronting the girls he games at the club!

All this and MUCH MUCH MORE!!


J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #24 July. 14th 2010


VH1's Kevin Feng

*Kevin reveals how he got on the VH1 Show and whether or not he had prior training and with who!?
*Johnny grills Kevin for being Asian and his choice of sweater vest.
*Which PUA gurus really do cocaine and cant stop from drinking when sarging!?
*Johnny compares Mystery to his little sister
*Kevin clarifies why Season 3 wasnt picked up (which star slept with the producer)?
*Kevin demands that since Johnny represents PUA Hate he should be grilled harder.
*Johnny nicknames Mystery Worm Boy Slim
*Kevins most deformed, handicapped student! Kevin has a homeless guy in a walker!
*Johnny gives us a history lesson on his storied feud with iambrian! Shocking cant miss this!!

Sexter returns and...its his BIRTHDAY!? Sexter explores his new found fame and how he's dealing with it.


J The Ripper Show Podcast

Episode #23 July. 7th 2010



*Sexter only opens 9' and 10's (lulz insue)
*Solar calls bullshit
*Sexter's pull rate way higher than JTR's
*Solar gets hospitalized for alcohol poisoning
*Sexter ego disected by Decibel
*The blame game, Solar vs Sexter
*Casanova Crew San Diego drama; Fall0ut situation explored
*Dorota joins the show
*Johnny Bullies guys like Style and Mystery in High school
*Dorota spills the beans on working for Neil Strauss and meeting Ross Jeffries!
*Johnny Inquires on how old a guy Dorota dates
*Dorota retorts that perhaps Johnny is a gay pua coming out?
*Q & A with Dorota (answer will SHOCK YOU!)

Originally this wasnt gonna on, but Dorota called me back after the show to confess her encounter with MYSTERY and the lulz that insue.